Tällainen syntyi, mutta en ole tyytyväinen ihan kaikkeen. Erityisesti viimeinen kappale ei oikein toimi mielestäni tällä hetkellä. 

Ehdottaisin, että mahdolliset parannukset tehdään prosessilla "ehdotus" - "pohdinta" - "päätös" sen sijaan, että suoraan muokataan sanoitusta.
21.9.2004 [Antti Virtanen|lokori]


Finished with my shodan cause\\
she couldn't help me with my mind\\
People think I'm insei\\
Because I am playing all the time

All day long I think of tricks\\
But nothing seems to satisfy\\
Think I'll lose my title\\
If I don't find something to pacify

Can you kibitz me\\
Occupy my play, oh yeah\\

I need someone to show me\\
The tricks in go that I can't find\\
I can't see the tricks that make\\
True life my groups are just blind\\

Play a probe and I will sigh\\
And you will laugh and I will fight\\
Happiness I can not feel\\
And honte to me is so unreal\\

And so as you hear these words\\
Telling you now of my state\\
I tell you to end your life\\
I wish I could but it's too late\\