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!!Kanpai Ry presents
!!!Kani 6 - Rabbity Six 2024 (Grand Prix Bonus C)
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[Registration | https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxYVci5FucRcehR-kQHlhcxPjK_cHYhODR3VrgO567IFyflg/viewform]\\
[List of registered players |https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11BkPtz3hYrk4gL5hyVVdgWgGi5fHl_IBYH4A1LNLSCo/view]\\
[Results|Kani6 2024Tulokset]\\
[Side tournaments|Kani6 2024 Sivuturnaukset]

__Dates__: __01.03.2024 - 03.03.2024__ \\(Main tournament 02.-03.03.2024)\\
__Venue__: Tampereen seudun ammattiopisto Tredu - Sammonkadun toimipiste, [Sammonkatu 45 | https://maps.app.goo.gl/1LRawR3MRyzc2yth7], 33540 Tampere, Finland\\
__Accommodation__: You can sleep in the venue for free (Fri-Sun). There are exercise mattresses. Bring your own sleeping bags / blankets\\
__Tournament system__: 5 rounds McMahon, no handicaps\\
__Rules__: Japanese, komi 6,5 for white\\
__Game times__: Basic time 60 minutes, Japanese byo-yomi 30s*3 (EGF A-class) \\
__The tournament is open to all go players!__\\

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__Entrance fee__
| Registration before 03.01.2024 | 20€ 
| Registration before 03.02.2024 | 25€ 
| Registration after 03.02.2024 | 30€ 
__DDK and under 18 y.o. players get 5€ discount__\\
Payment options: cash or MobilePay on-site\\

__Financial support__
We offer free entry fee for few players who are at risk of not being able to participate due to financial troubles. Applicants can send free form application before tournament. First come first served.
__Prizes__: Listed below are minimum money prizes for top 5 EGF players, bonus points and seat to Grand Prix Finale. NGD vouchers and secondhand books for other good performances and possible money prizes depending on number of participants. Values might increase depending on number of participants. Best non-European who reaches to Top5 will get same minimum price as European's would.\\
| 1. place | Seat to Grand Prix Finale + 160€  | 8 Bonus points
| 2. place | 120€  | 6  Bonus points
| 3. place | 80€  | 4 Bonus points
| 4. place | 40€  | 2 Bonus points
| 5. place | 20€  |1  Bonus points
| Best SDK | NGD voucher  |
| Best DDK | NGD voucher  |
Other outstanding results might be rewarded with NGD vouchers and/or secondhand books\\

__Other info__\\
We provide coffee, tea and cookies.\\
Please bring indoor shoes or warm socks.\\
The tournament venue is wheelchair accessible.\\
On Friday and Saturday we have a sauna-evening at tournament venue, free of charge.\\
Bring your towel. No swimsuit required, there will be sauna shifts for women and men separately.\\
Traditional and very casual Bonus Tournament happens at Sauna time (lightning games with handicaps)\\

__How to get to venue__\\

You can find public transport from [reittiopas| https://reittiopas.tampere.fi/?locale=en], or by using Google maps. Tram number 3 comes right next to tournament venue from the center of Tampere, and railway station in 10 minutes. Nearest tram stop is Kalevanrinne.
You can pay your ticket in [several ways|https://www.nysse.fi/en/tickets-and-fares/how-to-pay.html], but cash isn’t one of them.\\

__Grocery stores, nearest restaurants etc.__
*S-market Kaleva, 200 m, nearest grocery store and ATM, open 06-24 
*[Kauppakeskus Kale|https://kauppakeskuskale.fi/en/], 450 m
**[Pancho Villa|https://panchovilla.fi/ravintolat/tampere-kaleva], Mexican food
*Prisma, 600 m, a larger grocery store, open 24 h
**Alko: liquor store, open on Fri 9-21, Sat 9-18, Sunday closed. In Finland only mild alcoholic beverages are sold in grocery stores (between 09:00-21:00).
**[Pizza & Buffa|https://www.raflaamo.fi/fi/ravintola/tampere/pizza-buffa-prisma-kaleva-tampere]

*[Kotipizza|https://www.kotipizza.fi/ravintolat/tampere-kaleva-sammonkatu], 170 m
*[Chitir Chicken|https://tampere.chitirchicken.fi/], 400 m
*[Public house Huurre|https://publichousehuurre.fi/], 700 m
*[Chu Asian street food|https://www.chu.fi/], 700 m
*[McDonald's|https://www.mcdonalds.com/fi/fi-fi/location/tampere/tampere-j--hovi/sammonvaltatie-2/91.html], 750 m, open 24 h
*[Uma’s takeaway|https://umas-takeaway.business.site/#posts], Indian cuisine, 800 m
*[Kasvisravintola Gopal|https://www.gopal.fi/?lang=en], (nearest full vegan restaurant which is open also on Saturday), 2 km
\\The tram can reach several other restaurants in 5-10 minutes.

!!Time Table


__18:00__ Doors open\\
__19:00__ Lecture - Connecting stones by Teemu Rovio 3dan (Target audience 10-4kuys)\\
__20:00__ Sauna and casual games\\
__20:00-24:00__ Rengo tournament (13x13, with handicaps, the tournament rules favors kyu-dan -pairs)\\


__09:30__ Registration starts\\
__10:30__ Registration ends\\
__10:45__ Opening Ceremony\\
__11:00__ First round\\
__14:30__ Second round\\
__17:00__ Third round\\
__19:00__ Sauna opens\\
__20:00-24:00__ Bonus Tournament (lightning games with handicaps)\\


__09:00__ Fourth round\\
__13:00__ Fifth round\\
__16:00__ Closing ceremony, prize-giving ceremony\\

__17:00__ Casual games at pub Olutravintola Konttori ([Verkatehtaankatu 5 | https://maps.app.goo.gl/G2Zk7ovZQv9gN8JNA])\\

We warmly thank [NGD | https://www.nordicgodojo.eu/] for supporting this tournament!\\

!!Contact info
ogeli89 at gmail.com

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