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Suomalaiset \\

|[{Counter}]|Markku Jantunen|2 dan |velkavolvo | 
|[{Counter}]|Mika Urtela|2 dan |urtela | 
|[{Counter}]|Eero Hippeläinen|1 dan|Osasto79 | 
|[{Counter}]|Jesse Savo|1 dan|Nalle |
|[{Counter}]|Olli Hella|1 dan|stove | 
|[{Counter}]|Toni Nisumaa|1 kyu |Medice | 
|[{Counter}]|Ville Rantala|1 kyu |Vilzu | 
|[{Counter}]|Mikko Siukola|1 kyu |esidebob| 
|[{Counter}]|Suvi Leppänen |2 kyu |Suvi |
|[{Counter}]|Janne Nikula|3 kyu|GammaTau| 
|[{Counter}]|Anssi Voutilainen|4 kyu|Nezumii|
|[{Counter}]|Joona Karjalainen|5 kyu|Lacrimosa| 
|[{Counter}]|Rasmus Ståhle|8 kyu|Rasse|
|[{Counter}]|Markus Koivisto|10 kyu|kmh|
|[{Counter}]|Simo Vanhala|10 kyu|Darchik | 
|[{Counter}]|Joona Kinnunen |12 kyu |sorro | 
|[{Counter}]|Daniel Landau | 13 kyu | Danski | 
|[{Counter}]|Jani Lappeteläinen | 13 kyu | randomi |
|[{Counter}]|Tomi Oikarinen|14 kyu|blakki|  
|[{Counter}]|Ilkka Niemi|17 kyu|taikalanne |
|[{Counter}]|Riku-Juhani Niemelä|25 kyu |RetroGen |
|[{Counter}]| | | |

Svenska spelare\\

|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Henric Bergsåker |1 dan |henric |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Klas Almroth |1 dan |RockLobstr |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Charlie Åkerblom |1 dan |Kanin |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Basti Weidemyr |1 kyu |sestir |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Magnus Merikaarnio |2 kyu |MagnusM84 |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Martin Börjesson |2 kyu |bluesmurf |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Daniel Jeppsson|3 kyu|dj |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Goran P|5 kyu|MrCthulhu |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Peter Lundqvist|6 kyu|pel |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Martin Na |6 kyu |Lisianthus |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Dag Wedin |9 kyu |Skalman |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Elias Mika |10 kyu |Jackaroo |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Kristoffer Larsson |10 kyu |Kricks |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Majd Salman |10 kyu |Borel |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Sebastian Thorburn |12 kyu |sokoban|
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Simon K |13 kyu |Dale_cooper |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Stefan Bengtsson |14 kyu |Naramsi |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]|Muhammad Al-kaisy |17 kyu |Caso |
|[{Counter name='Ruotsi'}]| | | |

When will the match begin? March is a beautiful month. - Javaness, impatient

Is 11.4 okay with eveyone as the start a match date? -kmh