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Welcome to the entertainment hub of Finnish go-life: the Finnish go-wiki.

The wiki is quite freely modifiable by anyone. It is nonetheless an official media of Finnish Go Association. The ranking list included is also official. Here you will find all information about Finnish tournaments, game evenings, club activities and so on. 

While most of the content is in Finnish, we strive to make the site usable in English too.

The following pages are in English :
* [GoInFinlandSummary] -- Short introduction to go in Finland
* [Peli-illat] -- Club evenings. Public playing times and playing venues listed by day of the week
* [Turnaukset] -- Tournament calendar. "Ilmoittautuminen" means participation, feel free to! 
* [Finnish Go Association] -- Short introduction
* [Luokituslista] -- The current list of active players in Finland, featuring their club and EGF-rank

These you might find interesting also:
* [MenneetTurnaukset] -- lists tournament results in Finnish, but they're readable.
* [Kerhot] -- Go Clubs in Finland

The following clubs have pages in English:
* [eGo|egoInEnglish] -- Espoo Go Club
* [Helsinki Go Club|HelsinginGoKerho] -- Helsinki
* [Pogo|http://pogo.tky.fi/index.php?page=index&lang=en] -- Helsinki University of Technology - Espoo
* [Yligo|http://www.helsinki.fi/jarj/yligo/english.html] -- Helsinki University - Helsinki
* [Turku Hayashi|http://vco.ett.utu.fi/hayashi/] -- Turku

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