!!!Mind Sports go tournament 21.-22. October 2006

[Oulun Goonpellaajat] will organize an open go tournament as a part of the 12th INTERNATIONAL OULU EVENT's [Mind Sports Festival Oulu 2006 |http://www.ouka.fi/international-oulu/english/mindsport.htm]. The tournament is open to the audience. For those interested in learning the basics of the game, some of the players are willing to instruct them in between the tournament games.

The tournament will be held at Oulun lyseon lukio, (addr. Kajaaninkatu 3).

[Oulu's location|http://www.lyseo.edu.ouka.fi/~antti/Finland.bmp] and 
[Map of Oulu|http://kartta.ouka.fi/]

[Registration|Älypelit 2006 Ilmoittautuminen] and [Accommodation|Älypelit 2006 Majoitus]

[Älypelit suomeksi|Älypelit 2006]


*Game rules: Japanese rules -89
*System: MacMahon, even games
*Komi: 6.5 for white
*Playing time: 40 minutes and 25 stones in 5 minutes Canadian byo-yomi (EGF B class)
*Rounds: 5 rounds
*Tie breakers: MMS and SOS


*As prize money to be awarded to the winners, the City of Oulu will donate 555€. This will be divided in the following manner:\\
**I 200€\\
**II 125€\\
**III  75€\\
**IV  50€\\
**The remaining 105€ is divided amongst individuals who played especially well, keeping in mind that any single player may receive only one award.

*The Mind Sports go tournament is also part of the Finnish GP series, so a GP prize (a book) will be handed out to the player who has gathered the most GP points.

*Additionally, the two best players from Oulu will receive a place in the Oulu Championship 2006 finals (assuming they do not have one already). Possible reserve places will also be given out according to success in the Mind Sports.

!Tournament schedule

__Saturday 21.10.__

*10.30 Registration begins
*11.30 Registration closes
*12.00 __1st round__
*14.00 Lunch
*15.30 __2nd round__
*18.00 __3rd round__
*~20.00 Game evening and sauna

__Sunday 22.10.__

*10.30 Doors open
*11.00 __4th round__
*13.00 Lunch
*14.30 __5th round__
*~16.30 Closing ceremony and handing out awards

!Entry fees

*Tournament is free for players 5-dan or stronger.
*Entry fee is  10 euros for players from 4-dan to 9 kyu.
*Entry fee is 7 euros for players 10-kyu and under
*All players who bring a board and stones will receive a discount of 2 euros.
*Entry fees are to be paid during registration on Saturday. Please prepare the exact amount of cash if possible.


*On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, [Cafe Milou] will give a discount for the tournament players: Tap beer only 3€/0.5l or cider 3,5€/0.4l.
*On Saturday tournament continues with additional games and sauna in [Toivoniementie 1|http://kartta.ouka.fi/] club room. More information during Saturday.


*[Oulun Goonpellaajat] with [International Oulu Week|http://www.ouka.fi/international-oulu/english/index.htm]
*Tiia Kekkonen tel: 358 - (0)44 557 3440, mail tii (at) iki . fi
*Referee Paavo Pietarila