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23.2.2008: Here comes next issue of our free go magazine Nordisk GoBlad.

I want to specially thank Øystein Vestgården for the article from
WAGC 2007 i Tokyo as well as the pair go championship in Japan.

Michael Yao has written about Korean Prime Ministers Cup 2007,
and Peter Lundqvist has a story from Takapotku 2008 in Helsinki.

Henric Bergsåker describes how to estimate the number of participants
beforehand in European Go Congress.

And then, of course, Pål has some tricky problems!

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{{{2	Korean Prime Ministers Cup 2007
3	7 problemer
4	Pair Go in Tokyo
7	Nordic Tournaments 2007
7	Invitation Nordic Go Championship 2008
8	52nd European Go Congress in Leksand 2008 – Progress report
10	Invitation Symposium on the History of Go
11	Takapotku 2008
13	Svenska Pokalen 2007
14	WAGC 2007 i Tokyo
16	Yilun Yang’s 2008 New Year’s Life and Death Puzzle
17	Nordic top 20 on the EGF rating list
17	Nordic Go League under way
20	Nordic Go Associations
20	Number of players on EGF rating list
20	Nordic Go Clubs

/The editors/
Björn Wendsjö, Pål Sannes and Matti Siivola

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{{{ Hello everybody,

Nordisk GoBlad needs material for the May 10 issue!

- Any tournament worth mentioning?
- Any cool pictures to share?
- An exciting game?
   It is not a must to comment it.
   Pointing out some key moves might be as interesting!
- The unexpected anectote???

Please mail me at

Björn Wendsjö, Editor}}}

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