!!Oulu Summer Tournament 2005, 15.-17. July

[Oulu's location|http://www.lyseo.edu.ouka.fi/~antti/Finland.bmp]

[Map of Oulu|http://www.lyseo.edu.ouka.fi/~antti/oulukartta.bmp]

__Tournament place__

*The tournament will be held at [Oulun Lyseon lukio|http://www.lyseo.edu.ouka.fi/english/], Kajaaninkatu 3, which is also known from Oulu's Spring and Winter tournaments.

__Tournament rules__
*Playing time: 60 minutes
*Byo-yomi: 15 stones per 5 minutes Canadian
*Rounds: 6
*15 minute deduction for being late from the beginning of round
*Komi: 6,5 moku for white
*System: epm, even games
*The results will be sent to EGF as an A class tournament

__Side tournament rules__
*Playing time: 10 minutes absolute
*Handicaps: normally, 9 stones at most
*Komi: 6,5 moku for white in even games
*At most 2 games with the same opponent

__Prizes for:__
*Three best from the main tournament
*Winner of the side tournament
*Those who performed well

__Tournament fees__
*Normally 15 euros
*People allowed for reduced price (10 euro): juniors (under 18), students and 10-kyus or weaker players
*Free: GoR/proGoR 2400+
*List of [registered players|OulunKes├ĄturnausIlmoittautuminen]


*The tournament is sponsored by Cafe Milou. A big thank-you for them!
*Cafe Milou will kindly provide some drinks for tournament attendees at reduced prices on tournament evenings (Friday and Saturday). It has tentatively been agreed that you can buy beer or cider on tap or non-alcoholic drinks for 3 euros. Therefore everyone is most welcome to spend the evenings in the pleasant surroundings of Cafe Milou, where you can, for example, play games with Milou's own go sets.

*Player [accommodation|OuluSummerTournamentAccommodation]
*You can ask Ilkka Mattila (oulugo05 __at__ ilkka __dot__ kapsi __dot__ fi) any questions about the tournament
*There will be also Rotuaari Piknik 13.7.-16.7. which is a nice cityfestival including good music, good food and naturally good beer

__Tournament schedule__

Friday, 15.7.

*10.00 Doors will be opened
*10.15 Registration begins
*11.00 Late registration closes
*11.15 Registration closes
*11.30 Opening ceremony
*12.00 __1st round__
*16.00 __2nd round__

Saturday, 16.7.

*11.00 Doors will be opened
*12.00 __3rd round__
*16.00 __4th round__

Sunday, 17.7

*10.00 Doors will be opened
*11.00 __5th round__
*15.00 __6th round__
*19.00 Closing ceremony and prizegiving