I'll graduate from the program in Sweden soon, and I'm gonna looking for a job in Europe. I have very good impression about Finland and Finnish Go circle, especially I have many friends there, including some new friends whom I made from the kani6 tournament. Therefore, I wonder if you and your friends from Finnish Go community can help me on this issue. Considered I have some income from online Go teaching, which is kind of okay for supporting my living cost, I don't really care about the salary, or what kind of position it will be, all what I want is a job which can functionally support me to get Visa to stay, then it'll be all fine. More detail is on my KGS profile. Therefore, if you can help me to spread this information, or if Finnish Go Association can help it'll be even better, I'd like to contribute all what I can to help Finnish Go players to improve, especially the young guys. : )

Looking forward to your reply, or if possible, maybe we can chat on KGS/ MSN, thank you. : )

Best regards

Su, Yang (Jeff)


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