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!!Takapotku tournament 2003\\''The time for men of iron, stones of glass.''

[Takapotku tournament in finnish|Takapotkuturnaus2003]

''And thus the men (and women, for there were some) crawled from under their rocks, where they had been leading a hermit life studying the games of Shusaku. They walked in great numbers towards the northern city of Helsinki, for the time of the Gathering had come. They all knew that in the end, there could only be One...''

Welcome to the 1st annual Takapotku Tournament!

;__Time__: 15th and 16th February 2003.
;__Place__: Helsinki, [Restaurant Hima & Sali|http://www.himasali.com], Old Cable Factory.
;__Type of tournament__: No handicap, 7 points komi, [MacMahon].  Playing time per player is 70 minutes and 25 stones/3min (Canadian) [byo-yomi].
;__Tournament fee__: 10 euro.
;__Prizes__: First, second, and third prizes will be given.  Also, the already legendary "Vastahankapalkinto" will be given again, using the well-known secret criteria.  Any player to win at least four games will also be rewarded.

Tournament referee will be Olli Lounela, 3 dan.  Main organisator-slash-culprit is [Janne "Dr." Jalkanen|Janne Jalkanen] and his aide [Jari "Igor" Koivikko|JariKoivikko].

For questions and comments, please contact the undersigned at [jalkanen@cc.hut.fi|mailto:jalkanen@cc.hut.fi] or by phone, +358-50-547 6463.  If you are calling from somewhere ''really'' far away, please note that we are at GMT+2 hours here.


Please register before 09.45.  If you know you cannot make it, please call Janne Jalkanen/050-547 6463, and register via the phone - but be aware that the tournament referee is notorious for starting the clocks on time, or 10 minutes late at the most...


||Saturday, 15 Feb|| 
| Place open                           | 09.30
| Registration                         | 09.45 at the latest
| 1. round                             | 10.15
| ''lunch (normal)''                   | 13.00
| 2.  round                            | 14.00
| 3. round                             | 17.00
| ''lunch (liquid)''                   | 20.00+
||Sunday, 16 Feb|| 
| Place open                           | 09.30
| 4. round                             | 10.00
| ''lunch (if able)''                  | 13.00
| 5. round                             | 14.00
| Prizegiving                          | 17.00 




Registrations will be done to [registrationlist|TakapotkuIlmottautumisLista]. Only 120 strongest players will be accepted due limited space available. Reserve list will be used in case of late cancellations.

!120 ''strongest?'' Whatthe...

In last decade and a half, there has been a lamentable lack of non-handicap tournaments in Finland. Up until very recently, there has not been the slightest hope of anything else, and hence Takapotku. To make it as interesting as possible for the participants, we want to make the tournament as strong as remotely possible, so here we are.

We feel the participation limit is not going to be a problem anymore. However, it's ''still'' remotely possible to get a full house, regardless of switching to ''much'' bigger premises. In that case, we'll include the 120 strongest pre-registered participants, thouhgh surprise foreigners will still have piority. __Coming from far, far away is a sure way to participate, regardless of the strength limits or preliminary registrations.__ The Finns have been told to beware.

!What's this about even komi? Why?

Yep. Let's try this exciting change. We are not afraid of jigos, are we? :-)

!I am coming from Stockholm/London/Japan/Vantaa/really far away.  Is there any possibility for accommodation?

Please contact [Janne Jalkanen] well beforehand, and we'll see if we can arrange some cozy rooms for you.