When [editing pages|TextFormattingRules] just keep the following rules in mind:

* Be nice - don't be rude or offensive.
* Write in a way that is easy to understand and avoid local slang or phrases. Many of those who will read your text may not have English as their first language.
* Don't delete other people's contributions (unless you know what you are doing)
* Don't use too many acronyms (or at least, have a page explaining them)
* __Avoid the ''"click here"'' phrase!!__ Don't say: "More info about etiquette can be found [here|WikiEtiquette]" but use "More info about etiquette can be found at [WikiEtiquette]". I'd suggest avoiding it for external links as well.
* Contribute only original stuff.  Links are fine, but don't cut-and-paste from copyrighted things.
* Correcting typos is quite okay - in fact, it's a very good habit, since it makes the web page more readable.

!!About comments

* You are free to contribute anonymously, but it is preferred that you sign your comments with your name (or handle). It is common to prepend the signature with '--' like this: ''-- [Janne Jalkanen]'' (While you're at it, you are free to create your own wikipage and tell us about yourself.)
* A good way is also to put your name first, like this: ''[Janne Jalkanen] : I'd like to say that...''
* Think before you comment.  [WikiWiki] is not a high-speed conversation board.   It's not a news server either.  What you say will stay here forever (yeah, we do take backups) for everyone to see and comment.

!!Creating WikiNames
* A good [WikiName] is short and descriptive. If the name is logical and easy many more people will link to it.
* Although you can take a whole sentence and crunch it up to make a [WikiName], it is better style to restrain it to at most 5 words.
* Instead, try to use [WikiName]s like you would use as chapter titles in a book.
* This Wiki allows you to create pages with a single word as a name, but try to use at least two words - we don't want to exhaust the name space :-).
* __Double-check [WikiName]s for typos__ - otherwise someone will create a misnamed page!  Misnamed pages are bad, since linking to them requires more effort than to a logical, correct [WikiName].

!!Refactoring pages

Refactoring is the process where you sum up a page, shortening it, making it more accessible. Anyone who feels up to it may go ahead, but we suggest that you
leave it up to frequent (experienced) visitors.

* Be objective - both pros and cons have to be represented correctly.
* Be careful with signed contributions - don't change their meaning.
* Give credit where credit is due.
* Use 3rd person or plural instead 1st person singular in your summary.

(Thanks to [Sensei's library|http://senseis.xmp.net/] for this initial text.)