The Feudal Go Brotherhood of Espoo#


Espoo Go Club (The Feudal Brotherhood of Espoo) warmly wishes you welcome! Please come and enjoy playing Go with us.

The Club#

Our club was established in late 2010. It grew from an idea shared by a couple of people into a meeting held by eight, and reached 30 members by March 2011. Already it is a full member of the Finnish Go Association. It has also been registered to the Register of Associations in Finland.

How can I participate?#

  • eGo meets weekly on Thursdays in William K in Leppävaara after 18 o'clock. Check this week's schedule. You can fill your name in in advance, but it's not required: the game evening happens every week unless stated otherwise.
  • eGo also infrequently arranges tournaments and other events. See our contact information for more details.


eGo accepts non-Finnish members (as do most Finnish go clubs) and encourages everyone to participate.
Coming to play at our club is free of charge, but becoming a full member of our club costs.
Currently the fee is 10 € for joining. Students and juniors only have to pay 5 € per year.

Contact Info#

  • #eGo @ IrcNet
  • eGo, group @ Facebook (invite only)
  • Call / write Mikael
  • You can modify this page and add questions at the bottom if need be

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