Registration for European Womens Go Championship 2018 #

To register click the edit (muokkaa) button and fill your data and click save. If you fail, send email to helsinki-go at

#First name Last name Rank Country Club Official playerAnything else
1 Rita Pocsai 5 dan Hungary Origo yes
2 Natalia Kovaleva 5 dan Russia Chelyabinsk no
3 Dina Burdakova 5 dan Russia Moscow no
4 Marz Manja 4 dan Germany Jena no
5 Virzhiniia Shalneva 3 dan Russia Zhukovsky yes
6 Elvina Kalsberg 3 dan Russia St.Petersburg no
7 Ariane Ougier 3 dan France Grenoble yes
8Suvi Rovio 2 dan Finland Kanpai
9Maike Wilms 2 dan Germany HHyes
10Laura-Augustina Avram 2 dan Romania Sakata yes
11 Seres Júlia 2 dan Hungary PaGoda no
12 Guzel Surma 2 dan Russia Kazan no
13 Milena Boclé 2 dan France Antony no
14 Marika Dubiel 2 dan The Netherlands Amvn yes
15 Johanna Tuominen 1 dan Finland Hayashi ?
16 Adriana Tomsu 1 dan Czechia F-M yes
17Mihaela Taranu 3 kyu Romania VaDo ?
18Pirkko Luoma 3 kyu Finland Tengen
19 Yuliia Krotovych 5 kyu Ukraine Kyiv yes
20 Sari Kohonen 5 kyu Finland EGo
21 Helena Niinisalo 5 kyu Finland Boshi no
22 Maiju Kähärä 6 kyu Finland Hayashi ?
23 Vdovenko Sofya 6 kyu Russia St-Peterburgno
24Aura Salo 7 kyu Finland eGo skips the first round
25 Anna Melnyk 7 kyu Ukraine Kyiv no
26 Luna Luovula 6 kyu Finland Yligo Will be 45min late from first round
27 Lela Donner 9 kyu Germany Berlin
28 Elena Otilia Tarita Cimpeanu 14 kyu Romania Hikaru no
29 Georgeta Marcoci 16 kyu Romania VaDo no
30 Alexandra Oprisan 17 kyu Romania VaDo no
31 Nataliia Rusanovska 19 kyu Ukraine Kyiv no

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