HELSINKI GRAND PRIX 1999 3 - 4 July 1999 Helsinki Grand Prix de Go Tournament 1999 will be held in the very center of Helsinki on Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th July. We invite all go players to enjoy the tournament, the sauna and the best summer time of Finland. After the mid-summer festivities even the capital of Finland is quiet and peaceful.

Tournament site:

Cafeteria Apollo, Ministry of Justice, Etelä-Esplanadi 10 - 5 minutes walk from the Central Railway Station - near Kauppatori (Market Square) and the harbour


5 Rounds McMahon 1 h 20 min + 30 s byo-yomi Komi 5.5 points

Tournament fee:

100 FIM


Helsinki tourist information available in the Internet, see

Limited private accommodation available. If you want the accommodation to be arranged for you please contact before June 20th.

Tournament Schedule: Saturday, 3rd July

10.00 Registration 10.30 Opening 10.45 1st round 14.30 2nd round 18.00 3rd round Sauna in Otaniemi Sunday, 4th July

10.00 4th round 14.00 5th round 17.00 Prizegiving Friendly atmosphere and attractive prizes with the first prize of 1000 FIM. In the evenings there will be sauna, playing activities, etc.


Vesa Laatikainen, Laakavuorentie 14 B 48, 00970 Helsinki phone home: 358-9-395 1391, work: 358-9-5128 2587

Matti Siivola, Rautkalliontie 4 B 24, 01360 Vantaa phone home: 358-9-87 44 283, work: 358-9-1912 7394

Authentication code:


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