Helsinki Open 6th and 7th February 2016#


Helsinki Open 2016 is a four round McMahon tournament open to players of all levels and all nationalities. The tournament will be held on 6th and 7th February in Helsinki, Finland. Central guidelines for this tournament are long thinking times and openness to everyone.

Venue: New Student House, Mannerheimintie 5, Helsinki (Google Map)



There will be four rounds of games. Top group will be 16 players. Tournament winner will be decided in 16 player cup tournament where all top group players will participate. You can freely skip rounds. The only exception to skipping is that top group players must play all rounds as long as they are undefeated.

Tournament will use no tie breakers. Only McMahon score counts.

Kyu players will have MMS-1 handicaps in their games. Dan players will play all games with no handicap.

Thinking times: 60 minutes + 30 second increment per move (Fischer), EGF A class tournament

Entry fee and prizes#

If you preregister, tournament entry fee is 20 euros for dan players and 10 euros for kyu players. If you register on tournament site, tournament entry fee is 25 euros for dan players and 15 euros for kyu players. Preregistration means that you have either edited the preregistration wiki page in advance or that you have sent e-mail to organizers.

All preregistered players must also register on site in Saturday morning registration. If you don't show up in the registration, you will not be in the first round pairing.

If you don't want to edit wiki page or it is difficult due to language barrier, please write e-mail to where you state your name, rank, club and country.

First prize in the tournament is 200 euros which is given to the undefeated player with four wins in the top group. Players with three wins in the top group will get 50 euros each. (If there is a player with four wins who started one group below top group, that player will be treated the same as a player with three wins in the top group.)


Saturday 6th February
10:00 Registration starts
10:45 Registration ends
11:30 First round
14:30 9x9 side tournament starts
15:45 9x9 side tournament ends
16:00 Second round
 Sunday 7th February
10:00 Third round
14:30  Fourth round

There will be no special prize ceremony after the tournament. Prizes will be given each player after they finish their own games.


Janne Nikula, 050 341 4050,

Authentication code:


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