• From Friday 28th April to Monday 1st May 2017.

Results and pairings#


  • Bridge Areena
  • Address: Hiomotie 10, 00380 Helsinki


  • Players over 50 years old may attend the tournament.
  • Higher age groups can be introduced if the player material allows.

Tournament fee: #

  • one official player from each country gets free tournament
  • 20 Euro, for other players


Friday 28.4.
19.00Opening ceremony
Saturday 29.4
10.30 1st round
14.30 2nd round
Sunday 30.4.
9.30 3rd round
13.304th round
17.005th round
eveningLightning tournament
Monday 1.5.
9.30 6th round
13.00 final
prize giving

Thinking time:#

60 minutes + 15 increment, Fisher timing (EGF A-class )


  • 6 - 7 rounds
  • McMahon, however players still in race for the championship may have to play a rematch on 6th or 7th round.
  • The details will be announced, when we have better estimate for the attendance.
  • Japanese counting
  • Komi 6,5 points
Will McMahon rules include grading, pairing of similar grades, and handicaps?

The exact tournament parameters will depend on the actual number of participants; an 80-player tournament would definitely use a "standard" McMahon approach, with a top group and one McMahon starting group per rank level, and pairing players against opponents with the same MMS whenever possible. In a much smaller tournament, on the other hand, the group sizes would need to be very carefully adjusted depending on the actual rank distribution of the participants, so there would be a lot more manual tweaking to make the tournament as enjoyable as possible to all the players.

A handicap system based on the players' current McMahon scores will very likely be applied, but the actual format of that (MMS difference minus 1 or MMS difference minus 2) is best decided when we have a better idea of the actual rank distribution of the players. This is because we don't want to do handicaps in the championship deciding games, so the top group's actual size will play a role in this decision.



Su Yang 6 dan will be present during the tournament.

Side tournament#

Jaakko Munkki -tournament

Travel and accommodation#


send email to helsinki-go at

Authentication code:


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