PM-kisojen majoitussivu / Accomodation possibilities #

Pelaajamajoitusta /Privat Boende / Private accomodation#

Tarjolla todennäköisesti jonkin verran pelaajamajoitusta.

Traditionelt vissa lokala spelare har gett boende som besökande spelare i sina hem. Mer Information kommer att ges senare.

Traditionally some local players have given accomodation to visiting players in their private homes, more information will be given later

Jouni Valkonen Mikko Nevala Perno Bus 42 will go directly to tournament venue. Bed and Breakfast.
Toni Vihermäki 2 Vasaramäki Bus number 12 & 9 goes to central. By walking it takes 45-55mins to tournament venue

Floor accomodation opportunities#

Empty small flat at Student Village freely available during the tournament. There is shower and kitchen with cofee maker, but other sleeping equipments must be brought along. Ask for details jounivalkonen @

Nr Registration Notes
1 Yang Su will bring my own sleeping stuffs
2 Mikael Nenonen bringing mine too.

Lattiamajoitus / Golv Boende / Floor accomodation

Peruttu / Canceled

Edullisia hotelleja / Prisvärda hotell / Affordable hotels and hostels.#

Hotel Omena: bokning endast via internet
Reservations can only be done on the internet. Omena

Hesehotelli has pages only in Finnish, Sorry. (Internet reservations only) Hesehotelli

Keskustan Hotelleja / Hotell i centrum / Hotels in the city center#

Radisson Blu Marina Palace
Sokos Hotels: Hamburger Börs
Holiday Inn Turku
Park Hotel

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