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!Cheap accommodation
[Stadion Hostel|]. You can reserve accommodation by email: If you put Pair Go EM in the subject they know that they can put you together with other go players. If you are prepared to share the room with other go players, please state also whether you prefer to stay in male or female only room or if you don't mind.
[] gives you list of hotels in Helsinki. From the hotels in the southern and middle Helsinki you can reach the playing site in about 30 minutes by public transport. In the western Helsinki there are a couple of hotels in 30 minutes walking distance.
From centre
*39,39B from Kamppi
*39N, from Asema-aukio
*231,231N,247,247A,248,248A,270,270N,360,360K from Elielinaukio
*290 from bus station
Other buses
*290B - Munkkivuori
*550 - Itäkeskus
*14 - Hernesaari
*54 - Pitäjänmäki
*59 - Herttoniemi(M)
The nearest train station is Valimo.\\
[Journey planner|] in Helsinki area.
Taisi tulla sivun nimeen anagrammi.
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