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!!![Mind Sports go tournament|Mind Sports 2006] is held as part of [Mind Sports Festival Oulu 2006 |], 21.-22. October 2006
[Poista Minut]
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[Oulun Goonpellaajat] will organize an open go tournament as part of 12 th INTERNATIONAL OULU EVENTs Mind Sports Festival. Tournament is open to audience and there will be go-players to teach the basics of the game for those interested in it.
Tournament will be held in [Oulun lyseon lukio|].
[Oulu's location|]
[Map of Oulu|]
[Älypelit suomeksi|Älypelit 2006]
[Registration|Älypelit 2006 Ilmoittautuminen]
[Accommodation|Älypelit 2006 Majoitus]
*Japanese rules -89
*40 minutes and 25 stones in 5 minutes Canadian byo-yomi (EGF A class)
*5 rounds
*MacMahon, even games, komi 6.5 for white
*Tie breakers: For the top three places, SOS only
*City of Oulu's representative gives as prizes of go-tournament 555€:
I 200€\\
II 125€\\
III 75€\\
IV 50€\\
The rest 105€ is divided amongst individuals who played specially well bearing in mind that one player gets no more than one prize.
*Mind Sports go-tournament is part of Finnish GP-series, so a book will be given to a player with highest GP-points so far.
*Additionally two best players from Oulu, who still don't have a place to Oulu Championship 2006 final, will get a place in final. Possible reserve places will also be given acoording to success in Mind Sports.
*There may be slight changes
!Tournament schedule
__Saturday, 21.10.__
*10.30 Registration begins
*11.30 Registration closes
*12.00 __1st round__
*14.00 Lunch
*15.30 __2nd round__
*18.00 __3rd round__
*~20.00 Game evening and sauna
__Sunday 22.10.__
*10.30 Door will be opened
*11.00 __4th round__
*13.00 Lunch
*14.30 __5th round__
*~16.30 Closing ceremony and prizegiving
__Entry fees__
*Normally x euros
*Players who bring a board and stones: x euros
*Players who bring a set (a board, stones and a clock): x euros
*x euros for players 10-kyu and under
*Entry fee is payed during registration on Saturday, hopefully with even amount of money.
*Friday, Saturday and Sunday Cafe Milou gives an discount of turnauksen kunniaksi tap beer/ tap cider 3e goonpelaajille.
*Tiia Kekkonen tel: 358 - (0)44 557 3440, mail tii (at) oulu . fi
Älypelit onki englanniksi Mind Sports eikä Mind Games :) T. Tiia
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