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The monitor has vabrint colors and response is very good. I do not play games so I can't comment on speed for such things but the average person using their computer for work, home or other non-gaming functions; this monitor rocks. mack says:Excellent product, no dropped pixels, I received this produce in just two days, I have always had great products from these guys and have been ordering for over 10 years. This computer is the best,think I am going to order another one. Get it you will be happy with it, I promise.Editor says: VESA Hole Configuration Specifications: 100 x 100mm , Thin-frame (bezel), , wide Editor says: Editor says: VESA Wall Mounting: 100x100mm Never Lost says:Super monitors for the price. Worked great, no dropped pixels. I use two for a work station and am completely satisfied with the result. DesignElem says:I own 3 of these monitors and for the money, you can't go wrong.They had it to my door in typical fashion about 48 hours.Grab one while you can These guys Rock! N/A says:Pros: Low PriceLarge I can watch Netflix from my couch!Aesthetically Pleasing Cons: Screen does not tilt upwards very farRed lines streak across the screen (-2 eggs) Other Thoughts: Owned for two months, and overall satisfied.My issue with the red lines may be less of a monitor problem and more of problem with the dvi cable. The monitor comes with a vga cable, so I'll mess around with that. Nevertheless, whenever I turn on my computer the red lines appear on the blue xp login screen and don't go away unless I turn off the computer. They also show up when I'm gaming. If the lines don't appear when the game starts up they will appear when I exit or minimize the screen. This gets to be annoying VERY fast. Hopefully the cable switch will fix things. bigdan says:Pros: great price, good size if you don't need full HD resolution. 16:10 aspect ratio, which I personally like better anyway, I like having the extra vertical real estate. Bundle includes VGA and DVI cables. Cons: Bright. Really bright. Like, wearing sunglasses bright. requires some tweaking to get decent brightness/contrast settings (the factory presets aren't good for much). Stand is a bit wobbly and the tilt adjustment is limited. Other Thoughts: bought elsewhere (it was on sale and I had the cash in my pocket), good monitor for home use if you're not a serious gamer or you don't need full HD resolution (keep in mind this tops out at 1680 1050, which is clearly stated in all the specs and advertising info). Much better than the old 17 I was previously using. Just prepare yourself to mess around with settings so your retinas don't burn out. Badgob says:Pros: Priced at 130.00, this is a great bang for your buck monitor. Cons: The stand isn't very stable at all and the entire monitor wobbles. The black level on this monitor is absolutely awful, contrast is a joke. The only setting on this monitor that seems to make any difference in the picture quality is the Brightness, which I turned all the way down to zero to get a partially acceptable black level.Be prepared to adjust the contrast, gamma and brightness with your video card to make to partially acceptable for multimedia usage.The tilt on this monitor is very tight, which i suppose might be a good thing, it's not going to readjust itself, but you have to exert a considerable amount of force to tilt the monitor. Other Thoughts: This is an acceptable monitor for average users, who just surf, check their email and occasionally watch something on Youtube. You *can* watch movies and play games with it, but if you are, spend a few more bucks and buy something with a better picture quality, and a higher contrast ratio.Editor says: Manufacturer Limited Warranty period (panel): 1 year, Mounting: VESA Standard Mo Editor says: Editor says: Plug Play: DDC 2B Compliance Editor says: Editor says: EPEAT Silver Editor says: VESA Wall Mounting: 100x100mm##Color Saturation NTSC%: 72% Foxtrot68 says:Pros: BrightGreat priceAcer makes quality stuff Cons: Stand Likes to wiggle (will elaborate below)The bezel sticks out a little at the bottom (in the bottom-center, where it goes into a point) and I find it to be unattractive Other Thoughts: I do a bit of graphic design work where I use a Wacom tablet. I find that when I'm sketching or doing some other activities with the tablet where I make quick, jerking movements, this monitor seems to wiggle more than other monitors (I use a dual monitor set-up).If this might be a problem for you, I suggest the Acer V223w (this review being for the X223w). It is a few dollars more but the rectangular base is sturdier and it does not wiggle nearly as easily as the X223w. In fact, while I'm typing this review, the X223w is wiggling side to side. 22inch monitor lover says:Pros: Huge screen 22 inchesno imperfectionsbought on sale for $130worked perfect 100% of the timevga and dvi-d incase you dont have one but have the other Cons: no tilt?not much of a con because it doesnt really affect me but whatever Other Thoughts: want a 22in monitor? buy it.dont? then it better be a good reason because this is pretty good Ray says:Pros: -Very inexpensive-Solid performance and reliability. Cons: -Settings needed tuning out of the box-Black is not dark enoughWould be a great monitor for the office, but when I'm watching movies I wish the colors were more vabrint. The most obvious difference coming from a previous glossy HP monitor is that the matte Acer's black isn't as dark.Be aware of the resolution you're getting. I knew I wasn't getting 1920 1080, because I don't like the wide ratio. In retrospect I probably should've gotten 1920 1200. 1680 1050 is fine to get by, but right now the monitor is somewhat close to me (small desk) so for a 23 the resolution might be too low. Other Thoughts: I bought this monitor for the price ($140 at the time). THe performance:price ratio is great, but maybe I should've ponied up another $30-40 to get a better monitor you'll have to decide based on your own budget.Price is 5 stars, performance is 3 stars so I gave it 4 stars overall. happybuyer says:Pros: PRICE. finish excellent. great resolution. obviously very easy to set up. Cons: settings are a little goofy. Colors just okay. Other Thoughts: Bought this after coming home from a bar one night (drunk). Did need a monitor, luckily drunk me pulled the trigger on this bad boy as its a really good deal. Nunyer says:Pros: Image is acceptably sharp, colors are decent, comes with VGA and DVI ports/cables. No dead pixels. Great value for the money. Cons: At default settings, there is a good amount of backlight bleed coming from the top edge, but can be helped with some adjustment of the settings. The base is limited and only has tilt adjustments. The vertical viewing angle is not very good. The menus can be clunky to navigate. Just typical minor nitpicks at this price point, no big deal considering the bang for the buck. Other Thoughts: I bought this as a replacement for a dying six year old 4:3 19 Samsung LCD that is hooked to the PC that my wife and kids use to surf the web and play games. For everyday casual use, this is a great value. For work purposes, I use two higher end 22 LCDs from a different manufacturer, and make no mistake, this monitor doesn't really compete with the higher end stuff Stand adjustment, viewing angle, color accuracy, text sharpness These are all things you pay a lot of money for to realize a minor improvement. The LCDs my employer bought cost twice as much as this Acer, but the picture is not twice as nice. If you got money to burn or need to do professional work for eight hours a day, maybe look elsewhere, but this Acer is a great choice for casual users on a budget. Dr, Goodspeed says:Pros: It works. Cons: It doesn't double as a hoverboard. Other Thoughts: I've never had an issue with an Acer product ever. callirgos01 says:Pros: Great monitor, I run 4 of these on my setup. never had a problem with them. Used them for Nvidia vision surround. So you don't need dual DVI cables for this monitor, which is a plus since they can be expensive. Cons: The max res is not quite full HD. Max refresh rate of 60Hz. Other Thoughts: I think this monitor is a happy medium before the 30 full 1600p monitors. But after your basic 17 monitors.Categories (0) (0)Friends of Best Laptop Prices on the Internet 2012 Best Laptop Prices on the Internet | Powered by A by Rendered At: 2012-06-02 02:37:50 AM UTC Time: 1.02s Queries: 1 WP Queries: 37
Suomen mestaruus 2009 play-off ja finaalipelit pelataan 14. ja 15.11.2009 Espoon Laaksolahdessa, Lähderannantie 17 C (puh. 050-5141484).
Lähetykset KGS:n Saunassa tunnuksella FinFinal, kiitokset hukkarille etukäteen.
!SM play-off 14.11. klo 11.00
__Musta__: Javier-Aleksi Savolainen 5 dan\\
__Valkea__: Vesa Laatikainen 5 dan
Vesa voitti 1,5 pistettä, [pelikirjaus|] arkistossa.
!SM-finaali 14.-15.11.
Pelin voittaja jatkaa SM-finaaliin 14. ja 15.11. Antti Törmästä 5 dan vastaan.
__Paras kolmesta -ottelu__
1. peli 14.11. klo 15.30\\
Antti Törmänen (B) - Vesa Laatikainen [1-0|]
2. peli 15.11. klo 11.00\\
Vesa Laatikainen (B) - Antti Törmänen [1-0|]
3. peli 15.11. klo 15.30\\
Antti Törmänen (B) - Vesa Laatikainen [0-1|]
Vesa Laatikainen voitti Suomen mestaruuden 2-1.
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