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With the support of Oromedia, the Korean Weiqi Press, we are delighted that the 2nd Oromedia Cup International Amateur Weiqi Tournament is going to be held in Hong Kong during May 2 3, 2009.

We would like to invite one player representing Finland in the Open Division which offers over USD2,000 cash prize.

With a view to encourage overseas representatives to join the Oromedia Cup, we offer 5 extra quotas waiving accommodation and participation fee for the event. Air flight to Hong Kong, however, must be borne by the player.

The criteria for getting the free offer is as following : - 1.Not more than one representative per country 2.Show of interest by email to smartgohk@gmail.com 3.First come first serve

Details of the tournament may be downloaded at http://www.hk2.com/download/Oromedia%20Cup_General_Information.pdf

As we would like to provide the free offer openly through discussion forum, it is highly appreciated if you would help to post this message. Thank you very much for your assistance.

Felix SUM Organizing Committee 2009 The 2nd Oromedia Cup International Amateur Weiqi Championship

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