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Hello everybody,

it is my pleasure to inform you that this Sunday, on April 17, there will be the 3rd TransAtlantic Youth Go Match staged at KGS. 11 top European youth go players will play against 11 top American (USA and Canada) youth players.
The games will be played in a tournament room "Transatlantic Youth Go Tournament" set up specifically for this occasion. More information on the match can be found at the AGA web page

The games will start at two different times, 15:00 GMT and 18:00 GMT with 6 and 5 games played at each time, respectively. Note that due to summer time regime the times are shifted in respect to GMT as indicated below [I hope I got it correctly :-)].

1500 GMT (Moscow 19:00, Jerusalem 18:00, Paris/Prague 17:00, London 16:00)

Ali Jabarin (OohAah) vs. Bill Lin (billlin)
Mihai Serban (mihi) vs. Jianing Gan (hkkyeen)
Alexander Vashurov (ALEX575) vs. Peter Zhang
Roman Ruzhanskyj (Karnesun) vs. Andrew Lu (GOUSA)
Vladyslav Verteletsky (vlad77) vs. Aaron Ye (GodnPoppy)
Stepan Popov (StepanP) vs. Oliver Wolf (sinsai)

1800 GMT (Moscow 22:00, Jerusalem 21:00, Paris/Prague 20:00, London 19:00)

Thomas Debarre (rubik) vs. Ryan Li (icydarts)
Pavol Lisy (cheater) vs. Gansheng Shi (stone33)
Mateusz Surma (drakula) vs. Ricky Zhao (rzhao)
Vanessa Wong (pinkbird831) vs. Hugh Zhang (sume)
Lukas Podpera (Lukan) vs. Daniel Goureau (goseki)

The games will be played with ING rules (New Zealand rules at KGS, with a komi of 8), with 30 min. main time and 10 moves in 5 min. byoyomi. The first board (Ali and Bill) will use KGS nigiri for color, and both sides will alternate black and white (if Ali is white, then Mihai will be black, etc).

On behalf of EGF and the organizers I would like to wish good luck to all our players and also a pleasant experience to all observers.

With my best regards,              
Ales Cieply (*EGFTD* at KGS)


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