Jaha. Lisää riepoteltavaa. Tämä on noin vartissa väsätty versio Metallican One - nimisestä biisistä, joka lienee monille tuttu. Parantaa ja korjailla saa vapaasti, kun ei varmaan rimmaa (tai ehdi lausua) kunnolla. Nimenkin voi toki vaihtaa, jos paremman keksii.

<Metallica - One>


Can’t calculate anything
Can’t tell if this is dead or kickin'
Deep down inside I feel to scream
This terrible aji makes me sick

Now that the game is over for me
I’m looking down I cannot believe
That there is nothing left for me
Nothing is real but loss now

Hold my breath as I wish for strength
Oh please Sai, wake in me

Back in fuseki it was much too real
I’d need at least two stones or three
But still I must try to compete
Look to the groups that can live

Cutting my groups and surrounding me
Just like in books that we read
Tried to run but you make me squeal
Don’t take these stones off from me

Hold my breath as I wish for strength
Oh please Sai, help me

Now connection’s gone the group’s alone
Oh Sai, help me hold my points as I wish for help
Oh please Sai, guide me

Black groups imprisoning me
I cannot see, I’m
Absolutely walled in
I cannot live
I cannot escape
Trapped in my base
Corner my holding cell

Tesuji has taken my eyes
Taken my space
Taken use of aji
Taken my moves
Taken my points
Taken my lead
Left me with sad story to tell

-- Hannu-Pekka Rajaniemi

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