Ergoproxyn Kgs-opintopiiri:

Hey, I'm Javier Savolainen and this is my online Go-school project which started in October 2010. Since then I've organized 5 study seasons with several groups.

31.July Lets start the study circle for August! As usual, the program is as follows: Study circle at 20:00, Reviewing games played with the teacher(Ergoproxy), tournament games, professional games.

06/2012 News

Hey! As some of you might know, I've been quite busy with my studies, but I'm finally starting to settle down here in Mikkeli.

This means I'm going to have some time for Online-lessons again. Please put your name on the list if you're interested in joining us.

Grouplevel weekday
A 1-4d Tuesday? ! Day undecided
B 3k-1k -
C 8k-4k -

Activity list

activitylevel lenght Price
Game reviews All
Tournament games All
Pro-game Lectures All
Simultaneous games All
Total 90 minutes/once a week 15€/month

Why should you join us?

Why?x Result notes
You like to play Go x new experiences
You enjoy learning new/better ways to play x Improvement in level
Customized teaching x Best value for your money
To enjoy our group activities x Get to know new Go-players
kgs-audio system x Learning Go has never been this convenient

Contact me by e-mail ->

Note: Please ask if you want to join as an observer.

August 2012 participation list:

Nimi/kgs accountrank weekday group start day
1 Javier 5dan monday-sunday Teacher06.8->
2 kt123 3dan tu-we-th A
3 Mo 1dan su-mo A

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