Suomeksi / Finnish

3.-4. or 10.-11.5. (tai 14.-15.6.)

Time table (draft)

morning ships from Turku and Stockholm
ca.15.15 arrival to Maarianhamina
ca.16.00 1st round
- 2nd round
n 1.35 ship to Helsinki (if in a hurry)
aamupäivä some program
n 15.30ships to Turku and Stokholm
n 1.35 ship to Helsinki

Interested from Finland

namerankplay in Saturdayplay in Sundaypreferred date
Matti 5 dan Yes Most likely 3.-4.5. or 14.-15.6.
Teemu R..Yes Most likely
Antti H..Yes Yes
Teemu H.1 danYesYes14.-15.6.

Interested from Sweden

namerankplay in Saturdayplay in Sundaypreferred date

Comments for the program?

-- Matti_Siivola 24.2.2003

Isn't the scheduled date a little too near the nordic championships? Some players might not see the event so interesting because they get to play against swedish players at the NC. I can't say I'm not interested, but there might be a problem getting vacation from home for a distant go event so close to a another one.

-- Joose Viljanen 24.2.2003

I wrote answer on the Finnish page. -- Matti Siivola

Is 14.-15.6. better? -- Matti 11.3.2003

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