The ~InsertPage plugins allows you to include the contents of another page into the current page.


  • page = WikiName. The WikiName of the page you want to insert.
  • style = CSS definition. A style you want to use to include the page with.
  • maxlength = integer. If the page exceeds this length in characters, it will be truncated and a text "More..." linking to the page will be appended.
  • section = integer. Inserts only a part of a page. The sections are separated with "----" and are counted starting from one (1), that is, the first section on a page is number 1.


[{InsertPage page='TämäWiki' 
             style='font-size: 85%; margin: 10px; padding: 5px; border-width: thin;
 border-style:inset; background: #dedede; font-family:monospace' 
will produce:

Mikä on wiki? #

Tämä on wiki - sivusto jota kuka tahansa voi muokata. Voit kokeilla, miltä juttu tuntuu vaikkapa sivulla Hiekkalaatikko, ja sitten voit katsella sivua Tekstinmuokkaussäännöt|TextFo ...


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