Joukkue-EM -turnauksen uusi kausi alkaa pian. Suomi pelaa B-liigassa. Mikäli kiinnostaa pelata joukkueessa, niin ilmoita halukkuudestasi tämän viikon aikana, eli viimeistään sunnuntaina 4.9. Joukkueet pitää ilmoittaa jo torstaihin 8.9. mennessä. Joukkueeseen mahtuu 6-12 henkilöä, joista yksi toimii joukkueenjohtajana.


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Dear All European Team Championship League B Teams,

After the successful first season of the PGETC we will continue right away
with the 2nd Pandanet Go European Team Championship. The format is the same,
the conditions are the same and the rules will be only marginally revised
from the 1st PGETC season.

Please register your teams (6-12 members) for the 2nd PGETC League B by
email as soon as possible. The registration deadline for the team captains
and team members is Thursday 8 September (about 10 days to go - sorry for
the tight schedule).

Please send your team information to Federico Odorizzi (League B Manager),
Martin Stiassny and Vesa Laatikainen by 8th September.,,

Here is the overview of the 2nd PGETC schedule, the draft format of the
pairing for the League B is attached.

Schedule: order leagues C / A / B :

Round 1: September 13 / 20 / 27
Round 2: October 4 / 11 / 18          (because of KPMC from 21.10.)
Round 3: November 1 / 8 / 15          (because of Pair-World Championship
Round 4: December (Nov)  29 / 6 / 13  (because of SAWMG in Beijing)
Round 5: January 10 / 17 / 24
Round 6: February 7 / 14 / 21
Round 7: March  6 / 13 / 20
Round 8: April (March) 27 / 3 / 17    (because of WAGC end of April)
Round 9  May 8 / 15 / 22

Relegation-games: June 5

We will update the web site and keep you informed about the developments,
but please register in time!

Best Wishes,

Vesa Laatikainen | Project Leader
2nd Pandanet Go European Team Championship

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