(Tämä ei välttämättä vielä ole lopullisessa muodossaan, eli muutoksia ja korjauksia saa ehdottaa.)


sävel: "Killing me softly with his song"
sanat: Annika ja Dantti

I heard he played a good game,
I heard he had a style.
And so I came to see him
and play a game as white.
And there he was this first kyu,
a danger to my eyes.

Calling my tricks playing honte,
stealing my eyes with his moves.
Killing me coldly with his wall,
killing me coldly with his wall.
Ending my whole life with his Go,
killing me coldly with his wall.

He played as if he was dan -
my groups were in despair.
And then he pushed right through one
as if it was plain air.
And it was there this great wall
looking thick and strong.

(He was) calling my tricks playing honte...

He wasn't leading much though
my shape was far too light,
but then he found my weak groups
and killed each one outright.
I prayed for winning on time
but he had byo-yomi!

(He was) calling my tricks playing honte...

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