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Yuki Shigeno 2p and Tozawa Akinobu 9p will be special guests at our camp. They will give lessons and play simultaneous games.

The Lithuanian Go Association invites you to the 11th Lithuanian Summer Go Camp. This camp will be held July 17th - 23rd, 2004, in Mindunai (North-East of Lithuania). Further information about the schedule, accommodation, prices and registration can be found at Lithuanian Summer Go Camp.

The Summer Go Camp is the main event on the calendar of the Lithuanian Go community. Its history goes back to the very beginnings of Go in Lithuania more than 20 years ago. It was the venue of the first Lithuanian championships. In the early 90-ies, when the Lithuanian Go community was inactive due to the economic instability in the country, the Summer Go Camp was still organised by volunteers each year.

In 2003, players from other countries were invited for the first time to participate in this camp. 16 players from Germany, the Netherlands, USA and Japan followed the invitation and made this event a huge success for the Lithuanian Go community. The camp was one of the largest Go events during the last 10 years in Lithuania with over 60 participants, among them 34 children. Special guest of the camp was Yuki Shigeno 2p. (Look at last year's pictures)

We are very glad that Yuki has promised to come to our camp this year again. Some strong amateur players from Germany and Holland have also already registered. And of course, there will be a lot of Lithuanian players, hopefully more than last year (our community has grown).

For players from Finland who plan to go to the EGCC 2004:

Our camp is right on your way to Tuchola. From here you can easily go by bus or train to Tuchola in Poland (about EUR 30-35). We can make ticket reservations for you if you want. We actually plan to rent a bus as many Lithuanian players want to go there.

Olaf Martens
vice president
Lithuanian Go Association

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