Tämä on Euroopan go-liitolle (EGF) lähetetty ehdotus. EGF sitten joko hyväksyy tai hylkää sen. Matti 12.5.2005

Ehdotus on hyvaksytty.

Matti 31.7.2005

Proposal 1:#

The Finnish Go Association (FGA) asks the European Go Federation for permission to organise the European Student Go Championships in 2005.

For three years Europe has sent three players, two male and one female to Japan for World Student Go Championships. Until now, the executive has decided the players. The FGA proposes, that the players be selected in a tournament, and offers to organise the first such tournament.

Place: Helsinki Date: 21.-23.10.2005 Players: University and college students of age 18-30 years. Accommodation in a youth hostel Accomodation and tournament fees: Tournament is free for the first player from each country The additional players will pay 15-96 euro, depending on the number of players, strength, registration time and sex distribution from that country. No separate tournament fee.

Two best male players and the best female player will get a place in the World Student Go Championship (provided that Europe gets invited and receives three places). Registration will close at the end of August. More details will be provided before the AGM.

Proposal 2:#

The Finnish Go Association asks that the European Go Federation give travel support which amounts to N * 100 euro where N is number of countries sending representatives to the European Student Go Championship 2005.

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