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Nimi Mistä ja millä Majoitus
1 Suvi Leppänen laivalla Turusta to klo 21, paluulaiva lähtee ma klo 20:10Zinkensdamm
2 Max Mäkinen Joko Helsingistä tai Turusta laivalla tod.näk. Fridhemsplan
3 Jesse Savo + Katariinalaivalla Turusta to klo 21, paluulaiva lähtee ma klo 20:10 Koulu
4 Antti HolappaHelsingistä laivalla (mul on neljän hengen hytti halvalla) Zinkensdamm?
5 Teemu Rovio laivalla Turusta to klo 21, paluulaiva lähtee ma klo 20:10 Zinkensdamm
6 Matti SiivolaHelsingistä laivalla, Antin hytissä Zinkensdamn
7 Sinikka SiivolaHelsingistä laivalla, Antin hytissä Zinkensdamn
8 Tuomo Salo laivalla Turusta to klo 21, paluulaiva lähtee ma klo 20:10 Zinkensdamm
9 Vesa Laatikainen lento Zinkensdamm

Henriciltä tuli meili koskien majoitusta:

>Hi Suvi,
> I hope that you and the other finns got my message earlier today about the
> accommodation during Nordic. 
> Can you please help me by reminding the finns who haven't registered yet
> or registered without specifying accommodation to do that immediately
> now? On friday I will have to cancel the reservations which we don't
> have any request for.
> Of course it is no problem to register later for people who want to
> sleep on the floor or who will arrange their accommodation themselves.
> But it is alwayes helpful if they too register early.
> cheers,
> Henric


As with the ESGC we will make a group booking at Zinkensdamm: , which is near the venue.
Beds in 4-bed rooms with breakfast and final cleaning included will cost
280 Swedish crowns (about 30 euro) per night. There are also double rooms
and other alternatives available at Zinkensdamm (c.f. their pricelist)
which people
can book individually, however if we get to know early we can include more
in the group membership of the Swedish Tourist Association and get a bit
We will also try and find cheap floor accommodation in one of the schools
in the venue area, if possible.
best regards,

KGS:ssä kuultua: "it looks like we'll be able to offer accommodation in a gym hall for 30 SEK, for the ones with really small budgets." Kerron lisää kunhan tiedän. --Suvi

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