We are holding a tournament in Tallinn during the last weekend of August, and are, as always, hoping that some Finnish players will be able to join us. The games do not start until 10:00, so it should be quite feasible to arrive on the morning ferry, play four rounds, and still have time for a couple of beers before returning to Helsinki in the evening!

Main details#

  • Tournament: 4 rounds McMahon, EGF class B
  • Date: August 29 (Saturday)
  • Venue: Paul Keres Chess House (Malemaja) in Tallinn Old Town (Vene 29)
  • Time settings: 50 minutes SD (sudden death)
  • Handicap: difference between ranks minus 2 stones
  • Entry fee: 10€


09:30 Registration
10:00 Round 1
11:50 Round 2
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Round 3
16:20 Round 4
18:00 Imaginary awards ceremony

Feel free to write or call Alo with any questions: alojoekalda ätt gmail piste com, +372 53331998.


If you're intending to participate, kindly add yourself to the list below by editing this page.
1Alo Jõekalda 2 danTokyo
2Andrei Kuprijanov 6 kyuTallinn
3Pekka Lajunen 3 danHGK (07:30 M/S Star and 20:30 M/S Superstar. I will be in Tallinn at 9:30)
4Henry Hemming 2 danYliGo (21% sure)
5Ivan Veršinin 2 kyu Tallinn
6Mihhail Novik 2 kyu Tart
7Arto Heikkinen 2 dan YliGo (07:30 M/S Star and 20:30 M/S Superstar. I will be in Tallinn at 9:30)
8Jüri Lootus 5 kyu Tallinn
9Mika Lemström8 kyu eGo (07:30 M/S Star and 20:30 M/S Superstar. I will be in Tallinn at 9:30)
10Fjodor Vershinin6 kyu-
11Braid Torn 1 kyu Tallinn
12Yegor Karimov 12 kyu Tallinn
13Kristian Nybo 2 kyu Helsinki (18:30 Baltic Queen (Friday) and 20:30 M/S Superstar. I will be in Tallinn at 8:00.)


And we're done! See here for the final tournament table. Congratulations to Braid Torn, who got the first place with four wins, and thanks to all the participants! -- Alo

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