We are once again holding a small tournament in Tallinn and thought some Finnish players might be interested in joining us. The parameters are more or less the same as last year, so it should still be quite manageble to arrive on the morning ferry, play four rounds, and have a beer or two before returning to Helsinki in the evening...

Main details#

  • Tournament: 4 rounds McMahon, EGF class B
  • Date: August 21 (Sunday)
  • Venue: Paul Keres Chess House (Malemaja) in Tallinn Old Town (Vene 29)
  • Time settings: 50 minutes SD (sudden death)
  • Handicap: difference between ranks minus 2 stones
  • Entry fee: 10€ (5€ for double-digit kyū players)


09:45 Registration
10:15 Round 1
12:05 Round 2
13:45 Lunch
14:45 Round 3
16:35 Round 4
18:15 Imaginary awards ceremony

Feel free to write or call Alo with any questions: alojoekalda ätt gmail piste com, +372 53331998.


Kindly add yourself to the list below if you're planning to drop by.

1Alo Jõekalda2 danTokyoBlack should resign.
2Mikhail Novik2 kyuTartuCannot go :(
3Tanel Turban2 kyu
4Jan Willemson5 kyu TartuQuadruple ko
5Pekka Lajunen3 dan HGK
6 Matti Siivola 5 dan HGK
7 Sinikka Siivola Boshi
8 Mika Lemström 8 kyu eGo
9 Kimmo Kaskinen 4 kyu -
10 Kevin Kallikorm 15kyu
11Sergei Mihhailov13kyu-
12Boriss Levitin13kyu-
13Jüri Lootus4 kyuTallinn


Hei mä lähden reissuun, jos pääsen samalla laivalla Pempu sun kanssa. Mä haluan mennä lauantaina (disco illalla) niin, että tullaan sunnuntaina aamulla maihin. Sunnuntaina illalla sit paluu. Tuutko discoon Peme?



If anyone feels like doing a warmup game or two Saturday evening, then you're welcome to join us, we'll be at Frank (http://frankbistro.ee/en) from 6 o'clock.



PS. Thanks for coming, everyone! See here for the results: http://www.europeangodatabase.eu/EGD/Tournament_Card.php?&key=T160821A

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