Tallinn Winter Tournament#

In December, there will be traditional winter tournament in Tallinn. All Finnish players are welcome.

The tournament is quite unofficial -- no formal refereeing etc.

Important facts:

  • Time: 10.12.2005, event starts at 12:00
  • Place: Tallinn Chess house, Vene 29 (in Old Town)
  • Tournament system: even games, MacMahon pairing
  • Number of rounds: 4, time controls are probably 30 min + 5 x 30 sec byo-yomi
  • Entry fee: 2 EUR

Registering: add comment to http://go.minut.ee/archives/000098.html and write down your name, KGS rank and whether you will bring your own equipment.

Additional information: margus at meso.ee or +372 50 79 273.

Note on ranking: very few Estonians have EGF rank, but most active players have stable KGS rank. Therefore, KGS ranks are used for pairing. If you don't have KGS rank, then register with your Finnish rank.

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