There's a plan on organising a tournament in Tallinn sometime this fall. There has been some interest among Lithuanian players and guessing by some of our own latest playing nights I would bet that there will be at least 15 local players.

As it's already the very end of August, it is unlikely that we could manage it earlier than October. However, unfortunately October seems to be pretty busy in Finnish tournament calendar. Therefore I would like to ask some opinions - would Finnish players be interested in such an event and if so then when would you most like to come?

Of course, any other comments are very much welcome.

Is this intended to be a handicap tournament or an even game tournament? McMahon? How many rounds? One day? Two days (preferable)? Which EGF tournament class (A,B,C)? Venue?

-- Markku, 30.8. 2004

I personally would much prefer even games in McMahon tournament but that (at least partly) depends on what players we will get. Hopefully the kyu/dan distribution will be even enough and we will get enough players.

Two days was what I had in mind, Sat and Sun, 3 rounds (45 minutes per player) on both days. I don't know about tournament class - Matti can probably enlighten us here on what's possible.

Venue again depends on how many players we will get. If it will be close to 40 then there's a very nice and very centrally located place that I could try to get for the occasion. Anyway, we will find something suitable in the city center.

-- Tarmo, 30.08.2004

EGF Tournament classes

-- Markku, 30.8. 2004

If the only determining factor is time limit then it seems we could aim for class B. It may be that we could use some help with tournament clocks - whether or not we can borrow from renju/chess people depends on their own tournament schedules.

-- Tarmo, 31.08.2004

#NameRankPreferred time for tournamentComments
1Matti Siivola5 dan 30.-31.10. or 8.-9.1.2005 or 15.-16.1.2005
2Tuomo Salo1 kyuany weekend with no tournament in finlandthe sooner, the better.
3Tarmo Jüristo4 kyuanything but 15.-17.10
4Gunnar Düvel5 kyudepends on events organized by my universityFirst german player on first estonian go-tournament :-)
5Andri Kirsima6 kyu
6Alo Jõekalda7 kyuPretty much any time suits me, I suppose.
7Martti Kuldma9 kyuanything will do
8Eik Hermann11 kyuany time
9Jan Willemson12(?) kyuanything except for 1.-3.10. and 5.-9.11.
10Taavi Orglaan13? kyuweekends(probebly)
11Mattias Linnap13 kyuAny time, but some weekends are busy
12Marko Veelma15 kyuany time
13Tõnis Märtmaa15 kyuany time
14Lenno Nagel19 kyuany time
15Margus Freudenthal20 kyuexcept on 08-10.10
16Anton Safonov22? kyuany time on weekend, except 30.10
17Piret Kannike25? kyuany time

I was thinkig to visit Tallinn for a cruise 8.-9.1. What do you think about arranging a small tournament or a match on Saturday afternoon. I suggest starting around 13.30.

-- Matti Siivola

1Matti Siivola 5 dan
2Sinikka Siivola 9 kyu

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