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I've had two Miyatas one from 1980 (which I sold last year and it ran great) and one from 1990 (which I still ride as my main bike). I've replaced some of the cotpenonms over the years, but the frame is great.I had a girlfriend many years ago who was very short and found a used small Miyata and she liked it alot. she had a hard time finding a small road bike that was comfortable for her.From the pictures that Fuji looks really nice.You will notice that the shifters are different on each one one has the suicide shifters on the diagonal tube the other has indexed shifters sticking out from the ends of the handlbar tubes. This might make a difference to you.As a general rule, I dislike the saftey brake levers as they are notoriously slack, and may not be as safe you you'd like. With either bike, if you are open to updating the cotpenonms, I would recommend replacing the shifters with the shifters that are incorporated into the brake mechanism much more easy and safe to use than either the tube end or the suicide shifters.Can you take them for a test drive? Good luck.
--[Cianne|http://1KCM25PZia], 08-Aug-2013 08:44
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