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Hahn System#

This method has been developed by Prof. Sang-Dae Hahn to encourage the players (especially the beginners) to have more fighting oriented games. Fighting or battle oriented games lead to the player's development of concentrated reading power.

The idea was originated from "bangnaegi," which is used by Koreans when they play for money. They call '1~10' territories "one bang", and '11~20' "two bangs" and so on. These points go up to 'Manbang', which is 91 points or more. This pointing system can cause players to become aggressively competitive. Korean people usually say things like "I can beat him by 'Manbang' and take all of his money." To win more money, they never stop fighting till the last minutes of a game. This style of Baduk has been notoriously accepted as the "Korean style." It is still very popular among Korean Baduk players.

Unlike other systems this system also allows the loser to obtain points. This system operates purely by points. It is a "higher-point-getter-ranks-higher" system. The player whose result is 5 wins and 2 losses with 580 points beats the player in ranking who won a perfect 7 games with 570 points. It sounds very unfair, but it causes all sorts of hilarious happenings, and it's the best way to make players very very greedy and aggressive!

How to Score#

Winning by >40.5        gets 100 points
Winning by 30.5-40      gets  90 points
Winning by 20.5-30      gets  80 points
Winning by 10.5-20      gets  70 points
Winning By 0.5-10       gets  60 points

Losing by  0.5-10       gets  40 points
Losing by  10.5-20      gets  30 points
Losing by  20.5-30      gets  20 points
Losing by  30.5-40      gets  10 points
Losing by  >40.5        gets   0 points

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