Registration to the Takapotku Open 2006 -tournament. Please add one line to the list below and then fill in the required information, following the instructions below. If you have problems or questions, please contact the TP2006 organizers by email:

tp2006 "at"

The Finnish registration page has a list of people registered so far.

You can edit the list by clicking the 'Muokkaa tätä sivua' ('Edit this page') link below. The editing page will have buttons 'Tallenna' ('Save'), 'Esikatselu' ('Preview'), and 'Peruuta' ('Cancel').

"Club"- is the name of the Go club where you usually play, or the country where you are from.

"(Need For)Accommodation"- we can try to find something for you... "yes" or "no"

"Equipment"- if you planning to bring a full playing set with you, please fill with "set". Remember! if you bring a 19x19 board, a full set of Go stones and a proper clock, you will get a discount.

"Something else"- if you have any comments, questions or special arrangements.

Nr Name Rank Club Accommodation Equipment Something else
1 Mr. Ex Ample 18 kyu Lonely players no 1 set Great! Last time it was sooo fun!

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