This is only the preliminary site for the Takapotku 2006 open tournament. This site will be updated in the foreseeable future. #

Registration TP2006
  • 11.-12.2.2006
  • EGF:n tournament rules
  • Tournament system: McMahon, 5 rounds, even games
  • Game time: 2x65 minutes
  • Canadian byo-yomi: 25 stones in 5 minutes
  • Komi: 7 points
  • Players missing the start of the round, will be subject to an extra penalty of 15 minutes reduced playing time.
  • 1st place 300e
  • 2nd place 200e
  • 3rd place 100e
  • 4th place 50e
  • 25 European Cup -points
  • Traditional "vastahanka" prize
  • Some extra prizes
Tournament fees
  • Normal price: 15e
  • Registering after 5.2.2006: 20e
Discount fees
  • Juniors (under 18): 10e
  • Equipment fee: 10e (those who bring a board, a clock and stones to tournament)
  • Double digit players (10-30kyu): 10e
  • Discount fees Registering after 5.2.2006: 15e
Contact information
If you have any questions about the Takapotku 2006 open tournament, please contact the Takapotku tournament organizers! email: tp2006"at"

Schedule will be adjusted later.

Saturday, 11.2.

  • 9.00 Tournament place opens
  • 10.00 Late registration ends
  • 10.15 Registration of preregistered players ends
  • 11.00 Tournament starts
  • Three playing rounds (with lunch break)
  • 19.00 -> free activity and night life

Sunday, 12.2.

  • 9.00 Tournament place opens
  • 9.30 Two playing rounds (with lunch break)
  • 16.30 closing ceremony and prize-giving

Kiitokset Juha Niemiselle kuvasta.

Discussion and TakapotkuFAQ (In Finnish). Discussion and ideas about the tournament are welcome Takapotku2006Keskustelu.

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