Here you can register to Sauna vs. Svenska rummet KGS tournament (, SuomiRuotsiKGS2006). To register, first click "Muokkaa tätä sivua". Then add your name and other information on the table. To save the information, click "Tallenna" (Save). To see your text without saving, click "Esikatselu", and then click "back" on your browser. If you want to cancel what you're doing, click "Peruuta". Don't click the back button of your browser in the editing mode, otherwise the page will have a 30 minutes lock. Thank you. --Suvi


1Markku Jantunen2 dan velkavolvo
2Mika Urtela2 dan urtela
3Eero Hippeläinen1 danOsasto79
4Jesse Savo1 danNalle
5Olli Hella1 danstove
6Toni Nisumaa1 kyu Medice
7Ville Rantala1 kyu Vilzu
8Mikko Siukola1 kyu esidebob
9Suvi Leppänen 2 kyu Suvi
10Janne Nikula3 kyuGammaTau
11Anssi Voutilainen4 kyuNezumii
12Joona Karjalainen5 kyuLacrimosa
13Rasmus Ståhle8 kyuRasse
14Markus Koivisto10 kyukmh
15Simo Vanhala10 kyuDarchik
16Joona Kinnunen 12 kyu sorro
17Daniel Landau 13 kyu Danski
18Jani Lappeteläinen 13 kyu randomi
19Tomi Oikarinen14 kyublakki
20Ilkka Niemi17 kyutaikalanne
21Riku-Juhani Niemelä25 kyu RetroGen

Svenska spelare

1Henric Bergsåker 1 dan henric
2Klas Almroth 1 dan RockLobstr
3Charlie Åkerblom 1 dan Kanin
4Basti Weidemyr 1 kyu sestir
5Magnus Merikaarnio 2 kyu MagnusM84
6Martin Börjesson 2 kyu bluesmurf
7Daniel Jeppsson3 kyudj
8Goran P5 kyuMrCthulhu
9Peter Lundqvist6 kyupel
10Martin Na 6 kyu Lisianthus
11Dag Wedin 9 kyu Skalman
12Elias Mika 10 kyu Jackaroo
13Kristoffer Larsson 10 kyu Kricks
14Majd Salman 10 kyu Borel
15Sebastian Thorburn 12 kyu sokoban
16Simon K 13 kyu Dale_cooper
17Stefan Bengtsson 14 kyu Naramsi
18Muhammad Al-kaisy 17 kyu Caso

When will the match begin? March is a beautiful month. - Javaness, impatient

Is 11.4 okay with eveyone as the start a match date? -kmh

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