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A great post! The people at Shady grove hepeld us tremendously on our journey. We had insurance coverage for IVF, but that doesn't always make it easy to navigate or use. In the middle of an IVF cycle when our insurance company decided it didn't want to cover injectables anymore even when their plan explicitly stated they were covered, the nurses and financial coordinators at Shady Grove were on the phone with me and my insurance company until we got the problem solved. It took a few weeks to get everything straightened out, but in the meantime when I needed drugs, the nurses hepeld me by recommending and helping me only ordering meds 1 day at a time and overnighting them each day to ensure I only had to pay out of pocket the minimum I needed. (After it was all resolved, I was eventually reimbursed by the insurance company for my out of pocket expenses for the drugs.) It was a very stressful time, and the people at Shady Grove help any way they can.
--[Pranob|http://9S2cQ23e52], 09-Aug-2013 13:13
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